Asbestos Testing Vancouver

Asbestos abatement, removal and disposal services



Asbestos Abatement

Commonly known as “hidden killer,” Asbestos, if not removed properly might cause health risk to households once its fibers are released. With our help, you can avoid getting in touch with these Asbestos Fibers. Take care of yourself and your family while we take care of you.

We Provide Asbestos Abatement Services.

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Asbestos Testing

Since the 50s to present, Asbestos is widely known as a fibrous building material. Usually used as an insulator because of its fire protection properties, tensile strength, and chemical erosion-resistant.

Asbestos are often categorized by their color. We can help you by providing inspections and tests to your homes or commercial space/s.

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Mold Removal Services

Mold exists in moisturized places, it can cause health hazards if not attended for long period of time. Such health hazards includes allergic reactios, poisoning, or fungal infections. We can help you get rid of it, we provide mold removal services!

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Lead Removal Services

Exposed during building renovations, Lead exposure from old lead paints might cause you to some ailments from development disorder to hearing loss. Spare your children who’re living in older homes from getting risk being exposed to lead exposure.

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